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Studio D’Arc is a lean architectural practice made up of a core group of directors, qualified architects, architects-in-training, architectural technologists, an office manager and administrative assistants.

The intimate, ideas-driven and familial approach to tackling projects and company development is innate in the staff complement and company character.

Strong emphasis is placed on the maintenance of a high level of staff training. Dedication to the field of architecture is an attitude encouraged amongst all staff members. Studio D’Arc have offices both in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape.


Technology as an integral part

Studio D’Arc embraces technology in all facets of business using leading edge hardware, software, desktop and mobile applications to enhance workflow management, efficiency and quality control. Virtual cloud storage, used hand-in-hand with BIM philosophies, ensures that all parties on the project team are always on the same page.

Our talented computerised design and draughting team support all projects, with concept, design development and construction documentation executed in Revit, offering parametric electronic models to external project partners.

Use of numerous mobile applications and technology on-site allows the development of live snag-lists and rapid turnaround on construction document updates.

Our 3D models offer clients detailed photo-realistic representations of their brief, minimising margins of error across all aspects. Animated 3D models ensure detailed client visualisation and flyover of their project, assisting with project marketing and speeding up the time delay typically associated with larger corporate approval structures.